heather and my shadow


From my porch

bay ice

out the front door

blizzard coming in

I am desperate to leave the computer and head out into the sunny afternoon. Its only – 10 and the wind is still. It feels like the tropics out there. Except with the potential for some post-work GT racer sledding time and you still need to wear a very warm hat. I have a recipe for you (!) so will sneak back over the next few days and write something proper. For now, maybe you will find a copy of this week’s daily found it/cant find it list from my little leather bedside journal somewhat amusing? Anything you found or can’t find this week, despite heartfelt searching?

Found this week in Rankin Inlet:

A blizzard with 80 km/hour winds!
My inability to stay inside during said blizzard, whoops.
Toothpaste. Not the hippie kind.
Laundry detergent (but for $20, eesh)
A connection to caribou, char, and beluga meat; package arrives Tuesday.
Drop in archery at the elementary school gym.
Pilot biscuits
Mustard flavoured kettle chips (!!)
Bingo cards and dabbers for radio bingo night
Coconut milk, okra, and phillipino spice mix.
Cross country skiis to borrow and a new friend with a gun.
Awkward cross-cultural interactions.
All the artificial coffee creamer you could ever dream of using and then some.

Not a chance:

Coffee cream.
New yorker magazines I havent read three times already
Plain yoghurt
Inuktituk to English dictionary (why oh why not????)
Running shoes
Lentils, chickpeas, or almonds.
Avoiding tim hortons.
Instant cross cultural expertise.

4 thoughts on “post-storm

  1. nellyda

    Oh girl!!! love you to pieces. Live it up! this is the real f–king deal. What’s your address? Can you receive mail from the U.S.? I will send you lentils and almonds and mascara.

  2. foraginghere Post author

    Mail ! Yes ! Mail takes a week or two arrive, but it does! I have no internet or cell phone at home so mail has taken on a new excitement. My address is: Elizabeth Morrison C/O General Mail, Rankin Inlet, NU, XOC-OGO. Im here till June 6th although with this sunshine and sea melt and talk of musk-oxen migration maybe I’ll just never leave.


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