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squamish waterfront

These days I am so much in love. In love with the mountains, the pink sunset, hill running, with catching babies, with squamish, with my lover, with climbing, with friends coming to visit, with perpetually sore quads, with sitting quiet and alone on the windy patio with nettle tea and birds circling overhead. In love with life.

And in love with these pancakes: if you are in need of inspiration try these for dinner when you are too tired to cook. I did it just now, and it was a success for removing the end of day grumps. I ate all the blueberries and cherries off before snapping a photo, and then remembered you might want to share in this moment too. Oops. Seasonal fruit demonstration fail. But adding fresh fruit to your pancake fiesta will be nothing but a good idea. I’m not going to type out the recipe, but the link works great. Enjoy.

Oatmeal pancakes

Yes-run report to garibaldi lake


Inspired by Faron’s sneaky midweek half I decided to see how far my legs would take me. Nine km straight uphill meant more walking than running, but it felt amazing to carry a small pack (tied with bungee cord around my waist to keep it from bouncing when I ran) and pass folks laden down with trekking gear and fishing poles. When it got tough I kept repeating my new mantra having something to do with cultivating my inner goat powers aka chanting “mountain goat mountain goat” rhythmically to myself on all the hard parts to keep my cadence up. This, while silly, seems to be working so I am going to go with it for now. Anyway. The trail started in lush old growth, and moved quickly into the late spring forest of trillium and pink hued orchids.



I spotted a lovely set of oyster mushrooms, and a piece of white coral fungus, which bodes so well for the best season of all; fall mushroom extravaganza time. I passed so many streams and waterfalls that seemed to come straight out of the hillside that I didn’t have to carry water at all. By the time I reached 8 kms the forest was beginning to thin and the air smelled thick and pungent from the newly liberated from-snow-soil. I wound up a tough set of switchbacks, and all of a sudden I was loose in an alpine meadow. I wove through Taylor meadows which has a lovely campsite, and ran the side trail towards black tusk junction. It started getting steep again as the trail moves up to what looks like an amazing little peak, so I doubled back and headed towards the lake. Everywhere I looked stands of green shoots were about to burst into lilies and the heather was beginning to unfurl. Its always so liberating how you can transgress seasonal patterns by heading up a large hill-28 degrees at valley bottom and chilly at the top. I finally hit the lake at km 12 and was completely blown away. Continue reading

Who knew? (Summer Panzanella)



Well, here I am. Living in a mountain town. Happy as a clam with endless possibilities for mountain rambling. Who would have predicted this twelve months ago? Not me. This wasn’t even in the realm of possible options until I was sad after not getting the job I thought I wanted and a good friend mentioned (thank goodness) she thought there might be something for me in this great little place. I am quite grateful for said tipsy conversation. Yet, a little surprised to find myself here! So far from home. During the move I realized how many other things exist in my life that my twenty-year old self would find completely perplexing. These include:

1) Living in a high rise brand new condo on a estuary zone full of semi-endangered birds I am probably killing off with all the off-gases from the new carpeting.

2) Owning a car that I drive even five minutes down the road in case I get paged.

3) Running, running, running. Running!

4) Voraciously eating pulled pork sandwiches, not just tofu burgers. (Squamish is rad- one week in and I am happy to report I’ve already found at least one bbq on the upper deck with friends i met this afternoon in the basement parking garage)

5) Paying my taxes, on time, to mr. harper and his friends who don’t love the environment -or most people for that matter- very much.

6) Owning an electronic key fob attached to an underground parking garage. A key fob!

Funny how things change.

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