Catch-Up (Huevos!)

Sometimes I feel most at home on the road. Windows down, surfing the warm air with my feet tucked up beside the window. Map on my lap. Taco-search commenced. Nothing to do except hope for a perfect camp-spot and a place to lunch with the sea-creatures.

I thought I would share some-photo-highlights from a month or so of beautiful travel times. How lucky to have so much free-time to chase the spring green up and down our gorgeous coast! How silly not-to have hiked the Sierras or dove into the grand-canyon, but, cest-la-vie. Can’t do everything all at once, even though it is tempting to try.


California and back with Faron. Glorious eating-exploring time in San-Fransisco with Nellyda. Prince-george with Kate. A super-fun Washington trail-race with the van-fam-clan (hurrah!). Saskatoon to see family. And finally, a spectacular solo trip to the Tassahara zen centre, where I sat still for the first time in a long time and realized that those thousands of kilometres were teaching me something useful after all. At the centre a monk named Mark spoke much about how one could consider the source of home to be the in-breath. Home understood as the essence of breathing in without control, of simply noticing being alive. It was good to hear other wander-lusting folks talk about how a grounded life doesn’t have to be located in stuff, or an address, but can be found within the basic inhale-exhale that allows us to feel the wonder of the road.


Another sure-fired path to home and happiness is a steady breakfast of eggs and tortillas.  Its also a very-easy road meal if you are short of ideas for the summer camping season. We had this particular lunch on a blustery day at point arena sitting in a parking lot watching the fish-divers come in for lunch. It was cold out and we were a little sad to be moving north yet so pleased to be on the road again seeing new things. This was hot and grounding. Here it is for you. Enjoy!

Huevos Rancheros (for the camping inclined)



A tent or euro-van

Fresh eggs (2 per person)

Sploosh of cream

1-3 Corn Tortillas per-person

Salsa and/or hot sauce (you are camping, don’t worry about being fancy)


Oil or butter for frying the onion

Onion (1/2)

Garlic Clove

Can of Black Beans

Spices: Cumin/Pepper/Salt/Chili-Powder

Grated Cheese of your choice

Green onion/lettuce leaves (optional)

Sausage/Red-Pepper (optional)


  1. Get a medium sized pot and put a dab of oil or butter in it to melt. Meanwhile, chop the onion and garlic, and open your can of beans.
  2. Cook the chopped onion until its nice and golden. Add the garlic and stir for a second. Rinse and pour in the can of beans along with a pinch of salt/pepper, and whatever other seasonings you might have on hand. (I like to add some cumin and chili-powder). Let this simmer gently on low-to-medium heat.
  3. If you are so-inclined, you can also cook up some chorizo or veggie sausage with red-pepper (as in the photo above).
  4. Prepare your toppings: grate the cheese, cut up the avocado and the green onion, open your salsa.
  5. Heat-up your corn-tortillas over the stove flame, and put them in a cloth to stay warm.
  6. Beat the eggs up. Add some salt/pepper and a sploosh of cream.
  7. Add some more butter to a frying pan. Scramble the eggs-up until they are cooked how you like.
  8. Assemble in a bowl by putting some eggs on the tortillas with the beans, cheese, avacados, salsa, and/or whatever toppings you have in mind. Eat right away.

Love life! Get on the road!


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