lighten up

The rain won’t stop; it is clearly time to take a mini break. This week’s recipe? Force out any lingering bad attitude by getting oneself far away from the lonesome study-kitchen and straight into a costume-fueled square dance with $3.00 beer and late night swing. Add a giant tuba. You can even dance so hard you break your shoes and lose all your clothes to heat and happiness. If you are in the deep end of real heavy, add 2 am pizza and winning the meat draw. Carry your new-found bacon with pride, sip bourbon from a flask, and feel the evening buoy you.

The next day have your friends wake you at noon for slow breakfast. Put CCR on the record player, make coffee, and eat pancakes with jam  donated generously by the fading summer. Remove the last of your inner chill.


Later, head for a paddle and sunset on glassy seas. Watch seals. Breath.

Most importantly, send a note to your future stressed-out self that there is calm to be found. This is that reminder.

So-early-december elizabeth: be re-assured. Somewhere in there, you will get relief.

What is your recipe for lightness?

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